Latest News in UK Building Industry

UK construction industry is expanding at an explosive rate and more and more building are being built day by day. Some of the latest news from the UK’s construction sites is discussed below.

Small construction companies are in fear of the latest amendment of the planning legislation:

 Now with the House of Lords are planning to insert some alteration in the housing scheme and planning bill department. For most of the house owners and also some construction companies, it is good news and they will welcome this new amendment but for some small companies and small scale builders are in desperate situation and also in fear because their business has a live threat from this amendment. This amendment is being planned to remove the cheap housing exemptions that extend to sites with 15 or fewer units.

Worker killed in QUEENSFERRY crossing Crane Accident:

 Just a few days ago a sad news come from the QUEENSFERRY crossing where a worker who was working in the construction was killed on the deck of the new crossing which is built across the forth river. The worker was 60 years old and according to officials he was hit by the boom of a mini crane. He was directing that crane toward the north tower and was hit badly by the crane where he suffered a severe blood loss, he was immediately taken off the field but he could be resuscitated.

Civil Engineering Contractors have Declared a Warning:

England’s civil engineers have declared a warning that the current road network of UK is not good and the lack of investment is acting as a barrier from the growth of the road industry and the government should take this issue seriously and suggest some quick measures to make sure that the situation does not get out of the hands. According to the engineers; this brake on the growth of the road network will not only effect the construction industry but also the whole economy of the UK will face some serious issues with them because roads are one of the major mode of transport within the country and almost type of capital is being shifted within the country by roads. So the government should take this issue seriously and adopt some quick and serious measures to improve the quality of the roads and also invite new investors and businessmen to invest in this sector.

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