Serious Problems on the UK Construction Sites

As the buildings industry in England is rising at a considerably high rate which is useful for the development of the country but it has some problems also like there are several incidents which are now arising which are quite an alarming situation for the government as well as the construction business. Some the major problems which are being faced by the construction sites in the UK are discussed below.

Rise of Deaths in UK Construction Sites:

This is one of the biggest problems being faced by the government as 42 deaths were occurring in 2013 with more than 5000 workers were seriously injured. These are quite heartbreaking stats for any person and very alarming situation for the government. And still the latest figures from the health and safety executive are not published, but it is expected that there will be a rise in the death counter and also the injuries counter. Which is an alarming situation for the government as well as the construction sites and the government should take some steps very shortly to reduce these types of incidents?

Shortage of Skilled Workers:

It is appearing that with the expansion of the construction industry and rush to build homes, it is also becoming a problem that all the employees are working at the sites are not skilled and professionally trained. This is one of the biggest challenges and causes of several mishaps which occur at construction sites because it is evident that a person who had not the professional training of working in the building or working at the taller buildings is more likely to being hit and damaged by any possible incident. What one of the major issues due to which trained and skilled workers are not coming is the pressure which is mounting on the construction company and the employee also because it has been a quick expansion in the industry and more peoples now wish to construct their homes. But in whatever the circumstances the training and the safety of the labor is always should be the priority amongst every person. And the sheer amount of work which is being offered to the construction industry is also testing them to make sure that they had a trained labor and working staff which can operate in every condition and without harming themselves and also ensure that the building which is being built by them is also safe by any means.

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